The Oracle and the Ghost King


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A community dedicated to posting anything relating to Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Nico di Angelo.
the oracle and the ghost king


1. When posting a fic, make sure you provide the title, characters and pairings, rating, and any possible spoilers. The fic itself should be under a cut! This is very important, so that we can keep everything nice and clean.

2. All fanart and icons should also be under a cut, although you may show a minimum of three icons outside of a cut, and a preview of the fanart if it is as small as a thumbnail.

3. Make sure to tag all of your posts appropriately, but do not add your own tags. If you're new to the community and are posting for the first time, one of the moderators will make you an "author: example" tag.

4. Spoilers should also be placed under a cut, and you should make sure to give a warning of such spoilers in any of your notes.

5. Be respectful of other people's work (no flaming allowed!) and have fun yourself! Don't be shy to post anything you make.

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